Skrevet av Emne: Ladekabel Type 2 - 3x32A - 22kW for Tesla model S  (Lest 1773 ganger)

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I am from Czech republic and I make and sell charging cables for Tesla model S.
On cable is button and LED and you can selected the AMPS from 6A to 32A.
Cable is 3Phase with 5pin red socket (we can assembled all of types of plug). With this cable you charging the battery from 0% to 100% only for 3 hours - about 110km range per hour.
And I give you FREE SHIPPING all over Europe.
Any questions? Please send me mail on
Box have (width105mm x lenght165mm x height63mm)
If you will need we make you reduction from 5 pin red socket to 3 pin blue socket FOR FREE.

Final price : 600Eur or (15999CZK)